Audition Training

Since winter term 2019/2020 we have a audition simulation in the concert hall of the HfMDK Frankfurt. We try to simulate the situation of a real audition with experts of german orchestras as member of the jury, who give their expertise and feedback to the students. Part of this audition training program are also collaborations with other classes, for example audition training with the clarinet class of Prof.Ruiz Ferreres.
Pianists for the training are students of the accompanying-degree of HfMDK, a good example for a win-win-situation for all participants.

Beethoven´s complete works
for Cello and Piano

2021 in honour of Ludwig van Beethoven students and professors plan to perform the complete oeuvre for piano and cello, contrasting the complete sonatas and variations for pianoforte and baroque cello with modern instruments under my artistic direction.
Part of this small festival will be lectures with external experts, public lessons and a concert day with the complete repertoire for this genre.

Chamber Music
for Cello

We have established a chamber music project for groups of 2 up to 8 celli over several semesters and presented the musical results in three concerts in and beyond the University. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the students of the cello class in different contexts and provide them with the chance to acquire first experiences in concerts outside the university. We plan to continue this project.

Musical Direction of the Concert Series
“Music in the Church of Klein-Karben”

With the beginning of the season 2018/19 I took over the musical direction of a small but exquisite concert series in the Michaelis Kirche of Klein-Karben.

It is an established chamber music concert series set in the appealing surrounding of this beautiful church, which also has a marvellous acoustic. The first season has been a great success with well-attended concerts, and I am looking forward to concerts ahead in the new season 2019/2020.

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Alexander Technique Classes in Cooperation
with Valentin Keogh

Valentin Keogh is a teacher and musician living in Frankfurt. He completed a three-year-training in Alexander technique and works regularly with students from my cello class in one-to-one lessons to refine their posture at the instrument, to find more economic playing movements and to deal with all questions concerning stage presence. Since winter term 2018/2019 we have established additional classes on weekends, where we both teach in so called tandem lessons, adding different perspectives and thereby enhancing the classes.

Class Lessons online

On a fixed date every week I hold a full class lesson that attends to different topics, for example stage fright, performance training, mental practice, studies of music and style as well as music analysis. 
I also frequently invite guest teachers to some class lessons focus on and deepen various topics.

Technique Lessons online

At this weekly occasion every student gets the opportunity to play parts of his or her technique programme and subsequently gets a feedback from all participants of the class. Since the Corona pandemic we switched to this format only online, which works perfectly.

Breathing Lessons

Since winter term 2018/2019 I have invited Isa Terwiesche from München as a guest speaker on the important topic of breathing and its relation to playing a string instrument. She offers additional breathing lessons on three weekends. And it is always amazing to hear the immediate impact on the quality of sound.

String Orchestra Class
on Burg Fürsteneck

Once a year I am in charge of a string orchestra class for children between 9 and 19. Together with my dear colleagues Erik Richter (conductor) and Annette Ziegler (violinist), we focus on musical teamwork in an orchestra, but also find time to play in small ensembles and have fun in all sorts of recreational activities.

This class always takes place in the first week of the Easter holidays.

Section Rehearsals with the
LJSO Hessen and the JSO Hochtaunus

Leading the section rehearsals in youth orchestras has a longstanding tradition within my musical work. Since I have been a member in different youth orchestras myself over the last ten years, I feel the need to pass on this great experience and enthusiasm. In the LJSO Hessen, where I was a member from 1992 – 1997, as well as in the JSO Hochtaunus, of which I am a co-founder, I lead the section rehearsals on a regular basis. Since the summer of 2013 I have been a member of the artistic board of the LJSO Hessen and actively participated in the musical and artistic development of this youth orchestra.

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